Meet Latanya

Welcome to my site. I'm Latanya Lynch, the creator of Rak & Stated. Rak & Stated is an online accessories boutique that was created to empower and inspire women to wear their style with boldness and confidence, no matter the price!. Two years ago I was introduced to a jewelry brand called Paparazzi Accessories. I signed up as an Independent business owner to sale lead & nickel free jewelry and accessories for $5.00. plus tax! 
The jewelry that you see online is my personal inventory. My business is mobile therefore I set up at events, do home parties for locals and bride parties and also Go live on Facebook! I pretty much take jewelry where ever I go because there is no where you can't take it or wear it!
This business allows you to share what you are doing and partner with other like- minded, inspiring entrepreneurs. Those whom also have dreams toward owning their own business and being financial free or just simply looking for an additional stream of income for vacations, to pay off debt, extracurricular activities or as a savings plan. I must say it's pretty amazing and there is no opportunity currently like it.
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